If I cannot have a lemon tree, I am going to try growing a Lemon Verbena plant. If I can figure out where to get one.

The fragrance is different, but just as wonderful as lemon, and has a million uses: in pound cake, in poaching liquid for fish, stuffed in a roasting chicken, making essential oils (if you have the time), infusing a simple syrup for lemonade, and I saw a recipe somewhere that calls for several leaves steeped in white wine over night. Tasty!

Mostly, though, I want it for tea. My favorite tea brand, Harney and Sons has a Lemon Verbena tea that is delicious. I cannot live without their cranberry almond "Boston" tea. It's amazing. But when it comes to the lemon verbena, I'd prefer to save a few and make my own.

The problem is, the Lemon Verbena plant is pretty difficult to grow.
I had one once. It didn't end well. Before I knew it, I had successfully dried the whole plant. One cup of tea, and the plant was done.

Verbena likes full sun and lots of water. Now that I'm more attentive to my planties, I might be able to handle that. If can I find a plant, and a place to put it...


It's a Wednesday Miracle!!!


Without even trying, I successfully propagated a cactus!
About a month ago, I bought some cacti at Home Depot (technically, they are succulents). On the half-mile journey home, some of the leaves fell off.  Sad.

But I'd read that on occasion dropped succulent leaves will re-root if simply placed on top of the soil and left alone. So I put several leaves in with my aloe plant, checked on them obsessively, saw no progress, and gave up hope.

But today, I came home from work and checked on all my plants, as usual, and what do I see?! The cutest little baby cactus!


Sunshine in a Cup

OBSESSION: Lemon, Part I

Today, and most days, I am obsessed with lemons. Everything LEMON.

One whiff of fresh lemon brightens the air, lifts the spirits, freshens up a room.Nothing beats the scent of fresh lemon, except maybe the taste.

It's refreshing.
It's happy.
It's thirst quenching.
It's delicious.
Not to mention all the tantalizing sweets featuring the lemon, and the countless savory dishes. It's sunshine in a cup.

What I wouldn't give to have a lemon tree, and a perfect place to grow it. I dream of the day I have a house, and a sunny kitchen corner where I can have my very own Lemon Tree. Aside from the fragrance that supposedly fills the room, I think it would be lovely to cook with homegrown lemons.

I would make lemon pie, lemon mousse, limoncello, lemonade, lemon cake, lemon cream sauce (with pasta and shrimp),  lemon this and lemon that.

But I am dying to make my own lemon curd. Lemon curd is amazingly simple to make (according to reports on line. I will attempt some this weekend to verify) and super versatile. You can put it on anything. Some of the tastiest ideas:
swirl it into cheesecake, use it as a tart filling, spread it on fresh-baked scones, use it as a cake filling, or perhaps best enjoyed straight from the jar.  I cannot wait to try it!



I have never wanted a blog. I am not what one would call a writer. The pressure of coming up with something to post every week, and then assuming people would want to read it... not my cup of tea.

But I've recently been so taken with plants that I need an outlet for my enthusiasm. Seems like everyday I am obsessed with a new plant. My roommates can only handle so much. So here I am, entering the blogosphere, hoping to find like-minded people to share my journey,  as I discover the wonders and beauty of houseplants, and share the many, many frustrations of trying to grow them.

Just grow, dammit!